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KIVA Dance Collective was founded in 1998 with six members and has since grown to fourteen, ranging in age from 20s to 60s. Current members are Patti Buchanan, Meghan Buchanan, Mackenzie Callahan, Tatiana Fonseca DaSilva, Judith Ehrman-Shapiro, Gina Ferrara-Bates, Deborah Jeanfarve, Susan McLain, Valerie Rodgers, Laura Tortora and Mark Tortora. The members of KIVA combine their diverse artistic backgrounds—modern, African, folk, ballet, and jazz dance forms—and, as a collective, share the role of choreographer. Each member has an opportunity to create dances for the group.

“KIVA” is a native American term meaning “the sacred meeting place in the center of the village.” KIVA Dance Collective shares their artistic vision with the community in an annual concert performance, inviting the audience to witness their “sacred place.” 

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